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Ian Lillicrap, Director - Lillicrap Chilcott Ltd

"Our primary motivation for using ProMan was to improve the distribution of property details without adding to costs. Our negotiators were spending far too much time on basic applicant registration together with selecting and sending out property details when their time would be better spent conducting viewings and selling houses. We wanted a system that was simple for both us and our clients to use and was not filled with advertisements and non-relevant information.

Now, after two years operating the system, we have nearly doubled the number of properties we handle and still operate with only two administrative staff. The Buyer Registration feature allows applicants to register their own details, they can select the properties that they are interested in, download full particulars and the first we hear from them is when they want to make an appointment to view - a far more productive way of working. Using traditional methods of maintaining applicant registers, we could not possibly have coped with the 10,000 applicants that have registered with us over the past two years, nor would we want to have suffered the printing and postage costs on the 86,000 sets of particulars that they have downloaded.

Another invaluable feature, is the automated emailing of new instructions. We merely press a button to launch a property onto the market and within seconds it is on the web-site and over one thousand emails showing brief details and a link to the website, have been delivered to applicants - all of whom self registered and selected to receive email notification. Overnight, our link to primelocation.com is synchronised. When the market gets tough, it is this kind of distribution capability that will ensure that we have more applicants than our competitors, the emails landing in their Inbox are a constant reminder of our brand.

Whilst the cost savings in time, postage and printing are impressive, and the improvement in distribution is dramatic, the benefits do not end there. A number of sales each month are attributable solely to the way in which our website allows applicants to deal with us. Selling properties unseen to persons in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia just would not have been possible without ProMan. We now also use the management information module which calculates our pipeline and negotiator commission statements in real-time - freeing up Sunday afternoons otherwise spent doing the figures."