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ProMan can be branded to match corporate styles and colours. Corporate logos may be included together with other graphical objects to replace or add to menu options. There is an initial branding cost which covers a basic scheme with light and dark shades of two complementary colours together with the placement of logos and supplied graphics. More complex designs may be commissioned by arrangement.

 Brochure Pages

Any number of brochure pages describing your services or local market can be added to the system. These are accessed from the menu bar on the home page. Whilst there is a restriction of eight menu items on the home page, this can be overcome if required by having different sub-menus on the pages called. Typically, there would be pages describing your offices, your services, local demographics and maps. There is a set price for building each page from supplied content.

 Other Customisation

Other customisation is possible. For instance, the site can be configured to handle both Sales and Lettings or to be split between various offices of the same agent. Additional modules can be developed for your specific use or, if the feature would also be useful to other users, the cost may be offset by you becoming the development partner on a specific module. Modules are being developed to handle a viewings diary accessible by both negotiator and applicant; the ability for both to add viewing notes; the maintenance of a window card register; and an advertising schedule. Once these are complete, it will be possible for you to present vendors with a detailed weekly report of marketing activity. All non-user specific modules are available on a subscription basis.