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HM Land Registry have embarked on an eConveyancing project that will completely change the way in which property in England & Wales is transfered. A central theme of this project is the concept of the 'chain matrix'. HM Land Registry's requirement is for the electronic transfer of title on its registry whilst simultaneously moving final payment between all parties in the whole series of related transactions ('the chain') and to collect the relevant stamp duty during this process. On 13th June, 2005, HMLR appointed IBM act as its technology partner to build the system. The HMLR system will need to be updated with all changes in the status of every sale. Estate Agents and conveyancers will be obliged to input information in order to compute the chain matrix. ProMan is monitoring this project and will supply all of the required interfaces to the HMLR.

 Home Information Packs

The recent Housing Act includes legislation to require Home Information Packs as a pre-requisite for the marketing of residential property with effect from 2007. Estate Agents will have to be able to assemble a Home Information Pack or connect to one of the many organisations planning to supply HIPs. A HIP will consist, inter alia, of copies of Land Registry, Local Authority and Environmental Agency searches; copies of leases, service charge accounts, buildings insurance policies; name & address of the landlord or managing agent; evidence of title; copies of planning consents; copies of guarantees and warranties; and a Home Condition Report. ProMan will include easy to use interfaces for an agent to construct and maintain a Home Information Pack.


PISCES (Property Information Systems Common Exchange Standard) is an industry owned non-profit organisation that is developing the electronic document standards for communications between estate agents, conveyancers, lenders, valuers and search agencies. PISCES has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with HMLR with regard to the use of open standards. The Local e-Government Standards Body (LeGSB) works closely and cooperates with PISCES on their shared desire to deliver an open industry Standard for property related e-commerce data exchanges. Andrew Chilcott, the architect of ProMan, is retained by PISCES as project manager on both the Lenders Conveyancing and Residential Conveyancing Workgroups. ProMan will be fully PISCES compliant and able to interact electronically with all other participants in the residential property market.