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Food and Drink

Cornwall is often associated with being the home of the Cornish pasty and of clotted cream and scones, but these are just a few specialties. Cornwall offers a wide range of foods to satisfy all palates.

Since being surrounded by the sea, Cornwall is noted for the fresh produce of the sea, where restaurants take great advantage of this to offer you the best local flavours.

World renowned chefs, such as Rick Stein, have located themselves to Cornwall to be close to the abundance of quality fresh fish.


Cornwall caters for people with a sweet tooth with pleasures such as the Saffron bun, heavy cakes, and the delights of freshly baked scones smothered with locally produced clotted cream and jam. Cornwall churns out gallons of fresh milk, butter, clotted cream, ice cream and cheese all year round. Typically popular cheese’s go by the name of the Cornish Yarg, Old Smokey and Cornish Brie.


The Pasty

The pasty was traditionally made as a lunch for the Cornish miners when they couldn’t return to the surface to eat. The story goes that miners, who were covered head to foot in dirt, would hold the pasty by the folded crust and eat the rest of the pasty without touching it, then discarding of the dirtied crust. The crust they threw away was supposed to appease the evil spirits in the mines, who otherwise might lead the miners into danger.


Traditionally made of meat, potato, onions and swede, many Cornish bakeries will produce their own versions with a combination of filling, both savory and sweet. Pasties are widely sold throughout Cornwall, but have become popular throughout the country. However, there is no doubting that nobody can beat a traditional Cornish pasty.


Real Ales

Cornwall has a long tradition of brewing ales, and often hosts Real Ale and Beer festivals. Ales are often produced seasonally, and in honour of a special occasion. Cornwall has several famous breweries, such as St Austell Brewery who produce a wide range, and also the Cornish Cyder Farm. The Cyder Farm is open to the public for guided tours from the pressers to the cellars, with free tasting available too.



Cornwall has many fine restaurants and pubs that will cater for everyone. Ranging in a variety of dish specialities; typically using locally farmed meats of beef, lamb and chickens, as well as freshly landed fish including crabs, mussels, lobsters, plaice, sole, sea bass, mackerel and scallops, and other organic produce all locally farmed. will ensure you find the restaurant that would suit your tastes.



The Marina Villa Hotel, Esplanade, Fowey, Cornwall PL23 1HY

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