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Southway Engineering

The company traded as Southway Engineering Company for 36 years and was incorporated as Southway Engineering Cornwall Ltd. in September 1998. During this period it has developed primarily into a quality Stainless Steel fabricator with a "blue chip" customer base specialising in supplying complete packages of engineering support to those customers.

In the main, our customers are market leaders in the food processing industry and the variety of worked performed for them has included mixing vessels, platforms, walkways, conveyors, cyclones and guarding systems. In many cases, the package supplied has included design, manufacture and installation.

At present, the company employs 20 people and the skills at shop floor level cover metalworking in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, coded welding in stainless steel and a small machining facility as an aid to assembly of the end product. A capacity exists to guilotine up to 3 metres of 6mm thick mild steel and 5mm thick stainless steel. Thicker materials can be cut with either of two plasma cutters. Click here to view some of our products.

In folding capacity, the company has a 3 metre x 80 tonne press brake, a 2.5 metre Hydrofold machine and a 50 tonne power press. The utilisation of this facility is aided by own manufacture of the necessary tooling.

Punching and perforating is facilitated by use of a Strippitt machine with a digital readout and a duplicating arm together with various fly-presses.

Complimenting the above is a Pullmax nibbling machine, 3 sets of rollers of varying sizes up to 1.25 metres x 6mm plate, a vertical bandsaw, a horizontal bandsaw, a circular cut-off saw and an abrasive cut-off saw.

In addition to our coded welding capability, we can offer to our customers certificates for pressure testing and material control.

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