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P.E. Simmons

Cornwall rarely experiences frost, and can produce crops earlier than the rest of the country. Cooler summers enable a more even supply of produce throughout the year.
The amount of unpolluted light ensures that West Cornwall provides top quality produce which tastes as good as it looks.

P.E. Simmons and Son have been farming since 1870 and are a leading force for the production, procurement and sale of fresh, top quality Cornish produce. The company owns and operates a 2000-acre farm and works closely with growers to market a further 2500 acres throughout West Cornwall. Recent successful developments can be attributed to a dynamic, innovative approach coupled with technical, managerial and marketing expertise.

P.E. Simmons provides a quality service to both customers and growers. This committed approach has created increased opportunities for the supply of high quality Cornish produce. Key to our business is the formation and control of strong relationships throughout the supply chain to ensure optimum quality, quantity and traceability. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The promotion of Cornish grown produce as an optimum quality product is central to all P. E. Simmons activities and the company has lead the industry with innovative marketing initiatives.
P.E. Simmons currently market over 45% of the cauliflowers and 40% of spring greens grown in the county. Click here to view some of our produce.
P.E. Simmons supports Cornish growers throughout every stage of the crop production process and, as a result, the variety of crops grown continues to increase.
















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