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Please click here to view the actual website.
Please click here to view the actual website.
Please click here to view the actual website.


inasafeplace.com gives you a unique, private, totally secure online safebox that you (and only you) can access from anywhere in the world.

It can hold vital information on anything that you value, from copies of important documents, to photographs and details of mountain bikes, jewellery, laptops, paintings, furniture…

In the event of theft, loss or damage, these details, which can include serial numbers, sales receipts, and descriptions of distinguishing marks, mean that insurance claims should be quicker and more successful, accurate replacement should be simple, or police retrieval much more likely.

Our brief was to provide an online tool which was extremely quick to access and ultra secure. The site comprises of an online subscription payment system and there is a flash demo to guide first time users through the safebox system.

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