About Quality Daffodils

Greetings and welcome to our Web pages, we hope you will enjoy exploring the wonderful world of the Daffodil, here you will find just a few of the very latest and exciting varieties that have been bred and raised by us.

This is our 13th year as "Quality Daffodils" and is a continuation of a long Family tradition with Daffodils which really started with my Grandfather Adrian duPlessis in 1925 when he grew early Daffodils for the flower market, this continued until his death when his son John Daniel (Uncle Dan) took over the running of the farm, he and his brother Peter continued to develop the daffodils until their retirement in 1991 when it was reputed that the collection was over 750 varieties these being sold all over the World.
For many years I myself had been collecting some of the worlds finest from many other growers around the World and have been indulging in some judicial hybridising, with startling results, today after almost 30 years of breeding and collecting we have in the collection well over 2000 varieties and many, many un-named varieties (seedlings), some of which we will be introducing to you in the coming years.

We now produce a full colour illustrated catalogue with a comprehensive range of Daffodils covering all the Horticultural sections or Division together with a number of the species, it cannot include our full collection, so if its not there please ask, we just may have it, the list is sent with a small cost but we will always refund it with your first order over ?25.00.

Best Wishes for an enjoyable and successful season.

Ron and Maureen Scamp

visit the website at www.qualitydaffodils.co.uk

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