Axminster Carpets Limited

Welcome to this page about Axminster Carpets Limited - one of the world's largest manufacturers of Axminster, Wilton and tufted carpets.

With just a few mouse clicks on the Website, you can view our vast range of beautiful carpets by colour, range, style, texture and natural products.

We are one of the few companies in the country to offer a 'fleece to floor' process - spinning, dying, designing and manufacturing each individual carpet in house. As a result, our carpets offer outstanding quality and are certain to add style, luxury and elegance to your home for years to come.

Whatever you are looking for - interior design carpets, axminster carpets, bedroom and hall carpets, british made carpets, plain and tufted carpets, wilton carpets, textured carpets, loop pile carpets, twist carpets, patterned carpets, wool carpets, axminster, castor cups, moorland heather, celtic mist, simply natural, cara, rustic weave, rusticweave, celticweave, celtic weave, torbay, devonia plains, salcombe, tamar, princetown, natural plaid, royal axminster, exeter, royal seaton, royal clovelly, shaldon, townhouse, natural heathers, celestial, irish collection, underlay, axfelt 65 - Axminster Carpets website will show you a very extensive range that you can choose from.

Welcome to Axminster Carpets Limited - one of the world's largest manufacturer's of Axminster, Wilton and tufted carpet products. Our website is for people looking for interior design carpets, british carpets, tufted, wilton, axminster carpets, loop pile, home flooring, textured carpets, wool, plain carpets uk, twist, underlay, patterned carpets, axminster carpet retailers, carpet designs, axminster carpets limited